May 16 – Lower Sabie to Satara

I didn’t set my alarm last night, since there wasn’t a rush to get up and I could leave anytime for Satara. The only times I have used the alarm was for extra early get-ups for morning drives or walks. My neighbour had an alarm set for 5:00 am, so that got me up and… Continue reading May 16 – Lower Sabie to Satara

May 10 – Pretoriuskop to Crocodile Bridge

After the fog wore off this morning, it turned out to be another beautiful day and it was time to pack up and head for Crocodile Bridge. First sighting this morning was a tiny mouse running across the road, but no picture of the little guy.  That sighting was followed by Hyaenas at a den… Continue reading May 10 – Pretoriuskop to Crocodile Bridge

May 9 – Pretoriuskop

Our morning drive got out a bit late this morning due to the fact that several of the people going were not prepared – either did not complete the forms or did not have their forms and then many were unable to stop talking long enough for our Ranger, Pet to explain the rules. We… Continue reading May 9 – Pretoriuskop

Flower Quest

On this rainy Monday morning, I decided to take a couple of pictures of the flower that is taking over my yard in case someone knows what it is.  Barry from Africam said he thought it was Birds Eyes and the flower looks much like the ones I can find online, but the leaf is… Continue reading Flower Quest

Zoo Day

Yesterday afternoon I decided to take advantage of my first long weekend by taking a trip to the Assiniboine Park Zoo.  When I first booked my vacation days as long weekends, I was planning on spending my first one working in the yard and maybe digging in my flowerbed, but mother nature had other plans… Continue reading Zoo Day