Mouse Story – Final Version (I hope)

This story started back months ago when a couple of my daughter’s mice made an escape.  The first one out was a black one, who was spotted twice and never seen or heard from again.  Shortly afterwards a white one escaped and promptly made herself at home in my living room. If Chester harassed her… Continue reading Mouse Story – Final Version (I hope)

The Mouse

My weekends (as I’m sure most working people’s weekends) are full of errands and chores that never get done during the week. Today was grocery shopping and then it was time to tackle my next de-clutter/de-crapify item on the list for the 40 bags in 40 days challenge. I didn’t really have any area planned,… Continue reading The Mouse

Fun With Critters

Having a bunch (and a variety) of critters in the house can sometimes be entertaining.  Between my daughter and I, we have a fair number and variety of critters.  You are of course familiar with mine – Chester – the Irish Setter, Jewel – the African  Grey Parrot, Freddy – the Betta or Siamese Fighting… Continue reading Fun With Critters