Happy New Year

We are ending 2017 with the coldest temperatures that we have seen in many, many years and starting 2018 with the same very cold temperatures.  With the windchill (and luckily there isn’t much wind) we are around -40C and if you have temperatures in Fahrenheit it is still -40F. For a couple of days in… Continue reading Happy New Year

One Week til Christmas!

Wow – how is it possible that there is only one week til Christmas and two weeks until it is 2013? Obviously it happens every year, but it really snuck up on me this year.  🙂 My error detector says that snuck isn’t a word.  I’ve always used snuck, but maybe it should be sneaked? … Continue reading One Week til Christmas!

January 3rd

New Years Resolutions!!!  Don’t you just love them? The answer for me is NO!  I work in a fitness facility and what better new years resolution could there be other than to get fit?  I know that most of the people who came in today or phoned today will not get fit.  Many of them… Continue reading January 3rd

Happy New Year

Wow – 2008 is almost over now – for some it already is as I type this, but for me, there are still several hours to go.  I still have to go to work, work my shift and even then there are a few hours, since we close early tonight. I seldom stay up long… Continue reading Happy New Year