May 28 – Tamboti to Talamati

Very cloudy this morning, but it was fairly bright. It had rained a bit during the night, but not much, so everything was just a little damp. First we have my cloudy morning look at the day from my deck. Then the Wildebeest in the usual spot stood still for a photo. Soon after I… Continue reading May 28 – Tamboti to Talamati

August 27 – Tamboti to Nkorho

It was time to pack up and leave Kruger National Park today.  I left the gate at Tambotti shortly after 6:00 am and headed to Satara.  I couldn’t show up at Nkorho too early. At Satara I filled the car with gas.  The sightings in Kruger today were Steenbok, Baboons, Elephant, Blacksmith Lapwing, Warthogs, Giraffe,… Continue reading August 27 – Tamboti to Nkorho

Wild Dogs at Nkorho

As I mentioned yesterday, there is no way of knowing when or if a critter or critters will arrive near one of Africam’s waterholes for us to watch.  After a very quiet night at all 3 cams, a pack of Wild Dogs suddenly appeared at Nkorho. They were pretty much at the edge of the… Continue reading Wild Dogs at Nkorho

Corner Gassed 2

Last night was Celebrations night and Corner Gassed 2 was playing. My friend and I go to all the Celebrations Dinner Theatre shows and of course we had seen the first Corner Gassed and were looking forward to number 2.  We were not disappointed. The show was great!  The food was great!  The service was… Continue reading Corner Gassed 2

Cloud 9

I didn’t realize that there wasn’t as much air way up here on cloud 9 as there is with 2 feet firmly planted on the ground.  As of now, I’m still way up in the clouds though.  🙂  I’ll catch my breath before too long, I’m sure. Nkorho has also been confirmed so my whole… Continue reading Cloud 9


I talked to Chester’s vet before I left for work yesterday.  She said the meds may not stop seizures completely and we will still do blood tests next week to see if they need adjusting.  She is still concerned that there is more going on in the brain (such as a tumor) that the meds… Continue reading Chester

Highs and Lows

And I’m not talking about the temperature (although that pretty much describes it right now). Yesterday, just before work, I received word that I WILL be able to go to Nkorho when I visit South Africa.  I was floating on cloud 9 for the entire day.  Then, when I got home from work, I saw… Continue reading Highs and Lows

More on Africa Plans

You are all going to be really tired hearing about my trip plans over the next year. Although it was the tour that I saw advertised that got me moving on this, it is now looking like the tour part of it may be dropped in favour of more time in Kruger and Sabi Sands.… Continue reading More on Africa Plans

Trip Planning

Wow – I’m overwhelmed.  A trip to South Africa has to be planned well in advance and by starting to think about this with less than a year to plan, I hope I haven’t taken on too much.  I know I will be flying to Johannesburg since that is closest to Kruger and I know… Continue reading Trip Planning


This morning it was 18C with 100% humidity when Chester and I walked along the Red River.   Whew!  I haven’t had the air conditioner on for days, but this morning I turned it on.  That much humidity is just a bit too high for my liking. Chester had another good day and night.  🙂 I… Continue reading Lions