Interview Day

Have I mentioned before that I don’t like interviews?  I think I might have – but here I am getting ready to go to one.    I have enough confidence in myself that I know I can do the actual job – but I’m not sure I will survive the interview. In 4 hours there will… Continue reading Interview Day

Heat Wave Continues

At 7am, when Chester and I walked along the Red River this morning, the temperature was 23C and with the humidity it feels like 29C.  That translates to 84.2F.  They are saying 37C this afternoon which is 98.6F – wow! When it gets this hot, everyone is running their air conditioners and/or fans and there… Continue reading Heat Wave Continues

Happy Canada Day

It was 21C when Chester and I walked along the Red River this morning.  I figured that my beaver would show on Canada Day – but he was in hiding somewhere.  I did see the family of older Wood Duck babies though.  Then back at the yard, my lilies and mock orange are putting on… Continue reading Happy Canada Day

Return of the Beaver

It was partly cloudy and 17C when Chester and I took our walk along the Red River this morning.  They say it will get up to 28C this afternoon and 33C tomorrow.  I may have to turn on the air conditioner.  🙂 At first it seemed like Chester and I were the only critters around… Continue reading Return of the Beaver

River Walk June 21

It was 17C under a party sunny sky with a bit of a wind today when Chester and I took our walk.   It seems to have been a birding day – but only 2 different types of birds – and quite a few of one of them.  🙂 First we have one of the little… Continue reading River Walk June 21

Tracking the Beaver (and Geese)

It was 15 C and partly cloudy when Chester and I went walking along the Red River this morning.  We are not expecting any rain for today or tomorrow, so I’m hoping they are right – but hope they are wrong about the rain on Saturday and Sunday.  It would be wonderful to have the… Continue reading Tracking the Beaver (and Geese)

Flowers and a Duck

Well, it is actually a fairly decent day here (so far).  It was a cool but sunny 10C when  Chester and I walked along the Red River and now it is already 12C with a predicted high of (drum roll please) 21C!!!!!  There is also no rain in the forecast for the next few days.… Continue reading Flowers and a Duck

Dog Committee

I didn’t even know we had a Dog Committee – gee, I learn something every day!  It was 5C when Chester and I had our walk this morning and the sun was shining.  🙂 As we were walking down a street a few blocks from home, a young boy (about 10 years of age) came… Continue reading Dog Committee

Happy Birthday Chester

Chester is 8 years old today!  Or he was 8 sometime around now anyway.  When you don’t know the exact date, you do the best you can at estimating, with the information you get.  We had actually decided that May 1st would be his day, but snow and work got in the way – so… Continue reading Happy Birthday Chester