Photo Challenges Update

It has been so long since I’ve posted any of my photo challenges, that there are too many to include in my regular posts here, so this is an update of what I have posted for the last 3 weeks. Starting with day 42 of 365 photos, this will take us up to day 63.… Continue reading Photo Challenges Update

Orchid Day

As you all probably know, I have an Orchid that has decided conditions were right to finally flower after several years of being pretty much dormant (other than growing new leaves).  This event has made me quite interested in these beautiful flowers, so when I heard that there was an open house at a local… Continue reading Orchid Day

Blustery Day

I was scheduled for a volunteer shift at the Assiniboine Park Zoo this morning and a little bit of wind and snow wasn’t going to stop me.  🙂 It turned out to be one of those days when there were more volunteers than visitors. The temperature wasn’t too bad, but combined with the wind and… Continue reading Blustery Day

Photo Challenges

For a year starting around the end of 2016, I participated in a photo a day challenge.  It was fun, so I decided to repeat it, this time starting on January 1st, so there was a more distinct start and end to the year.  I am not repeating the pictures – just the challenge, which… Continue reading Photo Challenges

Top 10 Songs

A daily topic today just happened to come on a day when I heard one of my favourites from many years ago.  Actually I love all the songs of Demis Roussos.  He sings many love songs, which are not normally my favourite songs – but his voice and his songs just go together so well.… Continue reading Top 10 Songs

August 23rd

Happy birthday to my little brother  Doug today. We had a pretty decent day today here – it got up to 24C under sunny skies.  The rain is supposed to start up again tonight and there is a rainfall warning out for tonight and tomorrow.    Just when I thought the yard might dry a bit.… Continue reading August 23rd