Flower & Moving Updates

My tall Iris flowers are now out.  The only problem with the tall Iris plants is that they go down in the wind, and wind is certainly not uncommon here. I got a couple of pictures a few days ago and then I took one picture this morning after they were mostly on the ground.… Continue reading Flower & Moving Updates

Flowers Everywhere

Well – maybe the flowers aren’t everywhere – but they seem to be in every corner of my yard right now.  I love this time of year.  🙂 The Blue Spruce has come a long way from the little 4 inch twig that Angie brought home from the community club when she was about 3… Continue reading Flowers Everywhere

Flowers are Blooming

I’m glad I planted quite a few perennials over the years that bloom in the spring and early summer, so I can enjoy them this spring.  I have decided not to plant any annual flowers this year, since they normally look their best in the late summer and autumn and I won’t be living here… Continue reading Flowers are Blooming


This should be my last post this year on the Peony.  The flowers are opening quickly now and as we all know, they don’t last long. There are more flowers on it this year than there have ever been and still more buds to open. The first couple of pictures are from the 17th when… Continue reading Peony

More Flowers and a Bird – plus

My first Peony has opened and more should be open soon. Our walks along the banks of the Red River have been a little disappointing so far.  Normally the baby ducks and geese provide plenty of activity to watch and take pictures of – but not this year.  I have seen 2 goose families and… Continue reading More Flowers and a Bird – plus

The Flowers

The other day when I showed some of my Iris flowers, these tall ones only had one or 2 flowers, but today the rest have all opened.  What is really amazing is that after all the wind and rain yesterday – they are pretty much all standing.  There is one off to the right that… Continue reading The Flowers

Around the Yard

I finally picked up some flowers to plant in my poor neglected flower bed this morning and got them planted this afternoon. I still have spaces I could fill in with annuals, but ended up with 3 perennials and just a couple of packs of annuals along with one bigger annual. The perennials are Fanal… Continue reading Around the Yard

Around the Yard

It is a pretty chilly morning today with an expected high of only 7C this afternoon.  It was -1C when Chester and I went for our walk and I noticed a few flakes of snow on my car. At this time of year this is expected here though and otherwise, each day is getting warmer. … Continue reading Around the Yard


Yesterday I took some pictures of my Peony as the flowers are opening beautifully.       This morning I went out to take more pictures, only to find that the 2 largest ones from yesterday are gone.  They weren’t broken off in the storm last night (which wasn’t even much of a storm), or… Continue reading Peony

Iris and Peony

My taller and later blooming Iris have now bloomed – but due to the wind and the rain over the last few days, they are down on the ground.  They are still pretty when they lay on the ground and I thought about taking the picture and then adjusting it so the flowers would be… Continue reading Iris and Peony