Around the Yard

It is a pretty chilly morning today with an expected high of only 7C this afternoon.  It was -1C when Chester and I went for our walk and I noticed a few flakes of snow on my car. At this time of year this is expected here though and otherwise, each day is getting warmer. … Continue reading Around the Yard

Today’s Flowers

Even though spring is late here, I sure love watching the plants and flowers come alive.  Most of today’s pictures were taken in my yard, but I had to sneak next door 😉 to get a couple of pictures of the daffodils there.  (Sorry I disturbed your girls Jamie). So, today, I have the daffodils… Continue reading Today’s Flowers

See the Garden Grow

We survived Chester’s birthday  🙂 We didn’t find any critters on our walk, but under a cloudy sky I decided to take pictures of the plants that are still emerging.  The lilies that I had been wondering about have now made an appearance, much to the delight of the bunnies – so I hope they… Continue reading See the Garden Grow

Let the Garden Grow

I realize I promised Chester pictures today, but decided to wait until his birthday on May 1st, although I may show one or 2 tomorrow, since I took more of him today.  🙂 My plum tree is starting to flower, my tulips are starting to bud and I have lilies (I think) coming up so… Continue reading Let the Garden Grow