Blue Jays & a Couple of Updates

This morning I heard the unmistakable sound of Blue Jays outside my window.  This is the first time I’ve heard (or seen) any Blue Jays since I moved here.  I grabbed my camera and shot some pictures through the balcony windows.  Guess I’ll have to clean these windows one day. Actually, the windows didn’t mess… Continue reading Blue Jays & a Couple of Updates

Sony NEX-5

Yesterday for the 2nd time, I emailed Sony to ask them why the new zoom lens did not zoom as much as I thought it should.  The first time, I got an email back saying to call them.  The hours are not convenient and I wanted an answer in writing so I would not have… Continue reading Sony NEX-5

Facebook Status

For the last several months, I have been writing about the critters I have seen when walking  Chester along the Red River.  Well, there simply haven’t been any critters for the last couple of weeks, so it’s time to find other topics. Yes, Chester and I will continue to go on our walks, but even… Continue reading Facebook Status