Finally we have some warm weather and things are growing.  🙂  Actually, it is going to be a hot weekend – even better!  The trees are starting to open their leaves as we see a bit of green on the branches now.  By the end of this weekend, they should be pretty much fully open.… Continue reading Growth

Canada Geese and Hail

I was surprised to see a whole flock of Canada Geese the other day when Chester and I were walking along the Red River.  These must be late comers who are just arriving or who are traveling further north, since the geese are already nesting here.  I only saw them the one morning and then… Continue reading Canada Geese and Hail

Marigold vs Red Lily Bug – Day 1

Yesterday I killed all the Red Lily bugs I could find and planted Marigolds beside the Lilies.  Last year I would have found another dozen bugs on the Lilies by the next morning, but this morning there were none to be found.  It is too early to claim a victory – but it is certainly… Continue reading Marigold vs Red Lily Bug – Day 1