Gertjie (Little G) the Baby Rhino

On May 8th, 2014  the Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre – which is located just outside Hoedspruit in South Africa – took in a baby Rhino after his mother had been killed by poachers.  This 3 month old baby is lucky to have ended up at HESC where he will be cared for by the experts… Continue reading Gertjie (Little G) the Baby Rhino

Chester and other Stuff

Chester was fine for the rest of yesterday and overnight and throughout the morning today.  I have to admit that every time he moves, I’m watching him though.  That will settle down once he’s gone a few days without any more seizures, but we really have to get past the next few days.   Each episode… Continue reading Chester and other Stuff


I love days like this.  It is very pleasant walking in the morning with a temperature of 16C (which also lets the house cool down overnight) and then it is going up to 25C by the afternoon (not too hot like last week).  We may get some rain today, but they are just talking about… Continue reading Stuff

Birds and Trees

Its only 5 months till Christmas – are you ready yet? It was 14C under a sunny sky with just a light breeze when Chester and I walked along the Red River this morning.  I did enjoy the heat of the last few weeks, but am glad things are back to normal.  It will get… Continue reading Birds and Trees

Believe it or Not.

Believe it or not, but my living room finally has all the pieces of furniture in their new spots!  There are a couple of things not finished yet – like finding new homes or spots for all the stuff that managed to accumulate in the room – but a couple of hours sitting down and… Continue reading Believe it or Not.

Bathing Ducks

I did not even check the temperature this morning when Chester and I went on our walk.  I didn’t even check it when we got home and now around noon it is 27C with a predicted high of 33C and possible thunderstorms to follow.  It was very pleasant for our morning walk, so I am… Continue reading Bathing Ducks

Geese and Stuff

Chester and I had our walk much later than usual today because I had an early start to work – only not actually AT work.  I had a training session at the Workplace Safety and Health office, which started 2 hours before I normally start work – and it was about the same distance from… Continue reading Geese and Stuff