Is It Finished?

The road construction appears to have ended, but I don’t know if it is finished or not.  They have removed the barricades and left the scene, so I assume this is how they are leaving the site.  The street has been repaired and looks fine, but the riverbank is another story. A section of the… Continue reading Is It Finished?

Road Work

I should have cornered the guy from Public Works at our meeting last week to find out what has to be done on the work near my home along the river bank.  It looks like they are changing the bank down there completely.  I don’t know if they have done anything on the road itself… Continue reading Road Work

A Couple of Things

One day last week I found a case containing several recorded CD-Rs in the lane behind my house.  I picked them up off the lane and put them in the grass where they would be safe from cars until I returned home from work that day or where they might be found by the owner. … Continue reading A Couple of Things

Even on a Saturday

Chester and I saw that the workers were at work on the road repair near home – even on a Saturday – when we went for our walk yesterday morning. Obviously I was right in my assessment when I said it looked like more than just road repair, since they are down on the riverbank… Continue reading Even on a Saturday

They’re Working

The city has finally started working on the little stretch of road that I have been complaining about (or at least mentioning) for the last 5 months or so.  Now, I get to complain about the fact that they have blocked off my path along the Red River, so I have to find another route… Continue reading They’re Working

Day Lilies and Road Work

A few of my Day Lilies did decide to bloom this year.  There are probably 50 plants or so and about 4 or 5 had blooms.  Maybe, instead of removing them all, I should remove about 90% of them.  They take up a large area for a few flowers.  For now they are still safe… Continue reading Day Lilies and Road Work

Road Work

The little area where part of the street dropped, where I walk with Chester every day is showing signs that work might actually start one day soon.  Construction equipment, materials and signs were dropped off there sometime yesterday.  Of course, this might all just be in preparation for next spring – but I can hope… Continue reading Road Work