European Vacation – Rome to Pisa to Forte Dei Marmi

We packed up a nice dry tent this morning and were on our way north, after a slight detour due to getting lost in Rome while trying to find the highway. It was a beautiful sunny day – but very hot. We drove along the beaches again today and they looked so inviting.  The water… Continue reading European Vacation – Rome to Pisa to Forte Dei Marmi

European Vacation – Rome – Day 3

We had another tour booked for this morning and the tour bus was to pick us up at 7:00 am.  We set our alarm for 6:30 am, grabbed some breakfast and sat down to wait for the bus.  It was an hour late and we were thinking that we had been forgotten.  It finally came… Continue reading European Vacation – Rome – Day 3

European Vacation – Rome – Day 2

We got up and grabbed a bus into town this morning.  We weren’t thrilled with the bus ride, but didn’t have to worry about getting lost or finding a place to park.  Getting off the bus was a problem though.  The bus was really crowded and both Karen and Alvena couldn’t make it out the… Continue reading European Vacation – Rome – Day 2

European Vacation – Rome – Day 1

Our hotel in Rieta did not serve breakfast, so we packed up and left thinking we would find a nearby restaurant.  We didn’t find one and before we knew it we were in Rome and we were lost.  I’m not really sure how we could be lost when we didn’t know where we were going… Continue reading European Vacation – Rome – Day 1

European Vacation – Athens to Aphrodite

After breakfast we checked out of our hotel and had some time to kill before we could board the Aphrodite.  We were sure glad we left most of our stuff back in the car, so only had our duffel bags to carry. We wandered around a park close to Constitution Square and sat down on… Continue reading European Vacation – Athens to Aphrodite