Flowers Everywhere

Well – maybe the flowers aren’t everywhere – but they seem to be in every corner of my yard right now.  I love this time of year.  🙂 The Blue Spruce has come a long way from the little 4 inch twig that Angie brought home from the community club when she was about 3… Continue reading Flowers Everywhere

Flowers are Blooming

I’m glad I planted quite a few perennials over the years that bloom in the spring and early summer, so I can enjoy them this spring.  I have decided not to plant any annual flowers this year, since they normally look their best in the late summer and autumn and I won’t be living here… Continue reading Flowers are Blooming

Summer Weekend Weather

Its cold, cloudy and raining today – it must be Friday. Of course, Friday is the day I cut my grass – so I cut it anyway.  I started earlier than I normally would and got about 1/2 of it done before the rain got me.  Before starting, I was tinkering with the lawn mower. … Continue reading Summer Weekend Weather