Falling into Place

Things are lining up nicely and falling into place lately¬† ūüôā I have been having discussion with my ISP (Shaw) for¬† a couple of months about virus protection.¬† Shaw provides McAfee free of charge to all their internet subscribers.¬† Each subscriber gets 6 licenses¬† and over the several years I have been with them, I… Continue reading Falling into Place

Smart Phone

I have had a cell phone for several years now, starting when my daughter got her beginner driver license in preparation for when she would be driving on her own.¬† The phone went with whoever had the car.¬† Before long, she had her own phone and between us there¬† have been several cell phones in… Continue reading Smart Phone

Speed Test

When you sign up for internet access, you have options in your packages to choose a speed.¬† Most people probably choose the highest speed they can afford, but have no idea what those number mean. I don’t really know what the numbers mean either, but as long as pages open fairly quickly, I’m happy. My… Continue reading Speed Test