Back to the Red River

After that 3 month vacation, its going to seem strange to only have current life to write about again.  I’m glad we’re having an early spring, so I have pictures to take of the birds along the Red River again.  🙂 Today, we have the big trees, some seagulls, ducks and geese, along with one… Continue reading Back to the Red River

Home For a Day

Every once in awhile I have to get back to reality and present day life.  I seem to age 30 some years every time I do this though.  🙂 I had my annual exam with my new doctor on Thursday.  He had told me to fast before the appointment – so I did, and after… Continue reading Home For a Day

A Beaver for Sarah

I’ve mentioned Sarah before.   I worked with her at the Y, but now she has gone from being my physical fitness guru to my financial guru.  Anyway, she is still obsessed with beavers.  I got my best pictures ever of the elusive beaver on the Red River yesterday. I got pictures of him coming and… Continue reading A Beaver for Sarah