Welcome Back Winter (NOT)

Most of us were enjoying our early spring as the snow was very slowly melting and disappearing from the roads and being splashed onto our cars.  Yes, it was messy, but essential to getting rid of the snow and starting to see the ground again. But – Mother Nature had other plans and arranged for… Continue reading Welcome Back Winter (NOT)

Back to RMNP – Heading Home

Well – the forecast was right and I found that the cars were covered in snow in the morning.  After brushing it off and warming the car up a bit, I decided to go to McDonalds for breakfast and wait for the sun to make things a bit brighter for travel.  The snow was still… Continue reading Back to RMNP – Heading Home

First Winter Storm of the Season

It is only the first and it is only a storm – certainly not a blizzard, but it is snowing and blowing today.  The temperature is a balmy -2C so nothing to complain about. The roads are a mess though and travel is not recommended with extremely reduced visibility on the highways.  The main streets… Continue reading First Winter Storm of the Season


I eat breakfast every day, but Saturday it is eaten at the Red Top Restaurant.  They open at 8:00 am and I am usually seated at my reserved spot by 7:55 am.  🙂 I usually go with my friend Connie, but she had both her knees replaced a couple of weeks ago and has not… Continue reading Breakfast

Another Weekend – Another Storm

Another Saturday morning with snow to shovel.  Nowhere near as much as last Saturday, but it is still snowing and blowing.  Next problem will be getting out and to work in the morning.  I may have to talk to my friend in Texas to make sure she has a room ready for me. There is… Continue reading Another Weekend – Another Storm