After what seems like a very long time – the sky is blue and the sun is actually shining today.  I decided to take my camera on my morning walk along the Seine River.  It was about -9C with the sun just coming up and amazingly enough – there was no wind. There was a… Continue reading Sunshine!

Winter Wonderland

Whether we like it or not, it is now winter here in Winterpeg.  It was minus twenty something when Chester and I went for our walk along the Red  River – but the sun was shining brightly since we walked a little later than usual.  Yesterday we walked later – but not this late and… Continue reading Winter Wonderland

What a Difference the Sun Makes

It is a bit chilly this morning, but at least the sun is shining.  Unfortunately, to get our sunshine sometimes, we have to give up a bit of heat. I took pretty much the same pictures as yesterday – just in the sunshine instead of under cloudy skies. There are track along the side of… Continue reading What a Difference the Sun Makes

Snow, Ice, Sunshine and Chester

If all winter days could be like this, I would be very happy. Yes – we’ve got the snow and the ice, but we also have sunshine and temperatures that are not bad at all. The pictures today are from yesterday, when the temperature was -8C with very little wind and a bright blue sky.… Continue reading Snow, Ice, Sunshine and Chester