May 28 – Tamboti to Talamati

Very cloudy this morning, but it was fairly bright. It had rained a bit during the night, but not much, so everything was just a little damp. First we have my cloudy morning look at the day from my deck. Then the Wildebeest in the usual spot stood still for a photo. Soon after I… Continue reading May 28 – Tamboti to Talamati

May 25 – Letaba to Tamboti

First critters this morning were Helmeted Guinea Fowls trying a road block, but they had some problems. There were enough of them – about 2 dozen, but they were divided into 3 groups, so were easily dispursed. Amazingly enough, there were no Impalas until much later today. First critter once it was light enough to… Continue reading May 25 – Letaba to Tamboti

South Africa Trip – Falling into Place

Next on the list is my trip to Kruger National Park in South Africa next year.  This trip has to be planned months in advance and then the wait begins.  I am happy to say that it is completely planned and it is paid for – except for the car rental (but it is reserved)… Continue reading South Africa Trip – Falling into Place

August 27 – Tamboti to Nkorho

It was time to pack up and leave Kruger National Park today.  I left the gate at Tambotti shortly after 6:00 am and headed to Satara.  I couldn’t show up at Nkorho too early. At Satara I filled the car with gas.  The sightings in Kruger today were Steenbok, Baboons, Elephant, Blacksmith Lapwing, Warthogs, Giraffe,… Continue reading August 27 – Tamboti to Nkorho

August 26 – Tamboti

This is my last full day in Kruger and I still haven’t seen any Wild Dogs.  My mission is to find Wild Dogs – or when I get to Nkorho, I will make that the mission of the rangers there.  🙂 First critter of the day was a trio of Natal Francolins who came by… Continue reading August 26 – Tamboti

August 25 – Olifants to Tamboti

I left the Olifants gate around 6:30 this morning for a leisurely drive to Satara and then Orpen to check in for Tamboti. The first sighting was a Vulture, but it was still too early to get a decent picture, so I have no idea what kind of vulture it was.  Then it was Impalas,… Continue reading August 25 – Olifants to Tamboti