A Tour of the Forks

The Forks in Winnipeg is situated at the fork of the Red and Assiniboine  Rivers just at the edge of the downtown area.  This is a very popular spot with many things to see and do.  I’ll give you a quick tour of the outside area and let you know that there is lots inside… Continue reading A Tour of the Forks

Red River Mutual Trail

I have mentioned the skating rink that Winnipeg sets up along the Red and Assiniboine Rivers during the winter, but in the last couple of weeks, this trail has been expanded greatly along the Red River.  It does not appear to have been put on the Assiniboine River at all, except for the starting point… Continue reading Red River Mutual Trail

The Day After the Walk

Good news all around.  I survived the day!  I made my 25,000 steps (actually  26,332  steps) and I took some pictures on my walk that I can show you today.  🙂 It was a cloudy day (which is why it is so warm), so the pictures are just so, so – but they were on… Continue reading The Day After the Walk

I Went for a Walk

Chester and I go for 2 walks every day, but the last few days, I have been trying to beat my steps from the days before.  To do that today, I had to go on a longer walk. This started innocently enough on Saturday.  I had a shift to work at a location fairly close… Continue reading I Went for a Walk

The Forks

I have mentioned the Forks before, where the Red and Assiniboine Rivers meet – so it is now time to show you a bit of this area. I took this picture from a bridge over the Assiniboine River – showing the Red River on the other side of the trees and the Assiniboine River flowing… Continue reading The Forks

Riel Pedestrian Bridge

The Riel Pedestrian Bridge is a free standing pedestrian bridge that was built alongside of the Provencher Bridge, which spans the Red River from Provencher Avenue to downtown Winnipeg.  It is just north of the Forks, where the Red and Assiniboine Rivers meet. The cables support the pedestrian part of the bridge, which has a… Continue reading Riel Pedestrian Bridge

Red & Assiniboine Rivers at The Forks

I took a trip to The Forks late this morning to see how the rivers are there. The Forks is where the Red and Assiniboine Rivers meet – or come to a fork. The Red River is coming from the South and the Assiniboine River is coming from the West and together they head North.… Continue reading Red & Assiniboine Rivers at The Forks