Little Bit of This – Little Bit of That

There is seldom much going on around here in the dead of winter and January is about as dead as it can get.  🙂 We’ve had snow (not too much so far this year) and we’ve had cold & windy days.  Today has been a lovely break in the cold with a current temperature of… Continue reading Little Bit of This – Little Bit of That

I Failed

After years of convincing people that I am perfect, it is hard to admit that I made a mistake and that I failed at something.  If you remember, I retired in the spring this year.  That is what I failed.  One of the employees at the Y suggested that I should be looking to see… Continue reading I Failed


Yesterday was a little different. Chester and I had our usual walk along the Red River.  It was nice and fresh after the rain the night before. As I wrote in my blog yesterday, I found out someone had snipped off 2 of my beautiful peony flowers.  I wasn’t too happy about that – but… Continue reading Yesterday


Because of our very late spring and then going directly into summer, all the spring flowers are in fast forward this year.  One morning they are just peaking above the ground and suddenly they have flowered and are finished. I mentioned before that my lilies came back even though I pulled them last year because… Continue reading Flowers

The Last Day to The First Day

Yesterday was my last day of work at the Y and today is my first day of retirement. It was a very pleasant day at work.  I had enough to do to keep me occupied, but not too much to do so I could stop and talk to members and other staff.  Just so that… Continue reading The Last Day to The First Day

A New Chapter

When I started working at the Y almost 14 years ago, it was a part time job for me – just meant to cover the gap between my part time salary at a government job and my expenses.  Five and a half years later, I retired from the government job and went full-time at the… Continue reading A New Chapter

First Aid Training

As employees of the Y in Winnipeg, all staff are required to have first aid and CPR training and every 2 years we are required to attend a re-certification training.  Yesterday was my day for the re-cert. After being employed there for several years, I have had this training and re-certification several times, but there… Continue reading First Aid Training

Volunteer Appreciation Event

I have worked at the Y for many years and also volunteered off and on for the Adult Day Club there on my days off work.  This last year we decided to make my volunteering official and have me added to the volunteer list so I could accept some of the invitations to events. This… Continue reading Volunteer Appreciation Event

Watch Out for Ducklings

We’re at the time of year when ducklings and goslings are hatching all over the city here.  Many of these birds nest in yards or along lanes a long way from water. Yesterday while I was at work a Mallard Duck decided to take her newly hatched ducklings for a walk.  They must have come… Continue reading Watch Out for Ducklings

Rain and Snow

We’ve had a couple of rainy, snowy days, but I sure hope spring will fight back and get on track again.  I am still behind in my pictures and today’s are from the 30th.  It was very cool  and raining when I took the pictures and then the snow started in the afternoon.  The snow… Continue reading Rain and Snow