Around the Yard

I finally picked up some flowers to plant in my poor neglected flower bed this morning and got them planted this afternoon. I still have spaces I could fill in with annuals, but ended up with 3 perennials and just a couple of packs of annuals along with one bigger annual. The perennials are Fanal… Continue reading Around the Yard

Around the Yard

It is a pretty chilly morning today with an expected high of only 7C this afternoon.  It was -1C when Chester and I went for our walk and I noticed a few flakes of snow on my car. At this time of year this is expected here though and otherwise, each day is getting warmer. … Continue reading Around the Yard


Because of our very late spring and then going directly into summer, all the spring flowers are in fast forward this year.  One morning they are just peaking above the ground and suddenly they have flowered and are finished. I mentioned before that my lilies came back even though I pulled them last year because… Continue reading Flowers


Finally we have some warm weather and things are growing.  🙂  Actually, it is going to be a hot weekend – even better!  The trees are starting to open their leaves as we see a bit of green on the branches now.  By the end of this weekend, they should be pretty much fully open.… Continue reading Growth

Red Lily Bug Strikes Again

Last year I reported my battle here with the Red Lily bugs on my Lilies.  I had never seen them before last year and I have had these Lilies planted in this spot for over 30 years.  I was out there killing the bugs daily until after they finished flowering, but the flowers were much… Continue reading Red Lily Bug Strikes Again

A Flower Day

Although it was cloudy yesterday, I decided to take flower pictures from around my yard.  We have Lilacs from my neighbour’s yard that hang over into my yard, Tulips, Forget-me-Not, Lilly of the Valley, Peony and Snow on the Mountain.  Of course the Snow on the Mountain isn’t flowers, it is the foliage and the… Continue reading A Flower Day

Watching the Garden Grow

There is nothing like spring flowers to brighten up a yard.  This is the weekend when normally the annuals are placed out as we typically do not get frost after this.  I didn’t say we never get frost, but usually we do not get frost from now until fall. It is raining though and much… Continue reading Watching the Garden Grow