Catch Up

After I typed in the title for today’s blog, I just had a flashback to one of the books that my daughter used to have and that we would read over again and again.  🙂  It was called Catch Up Ketchup.  It was about a Monkey named Ketchup, who was always lagging behind and was… Continue reading Catch Up

One Week til Christmas!

Wow – how is it possible that there is only one week til Christmas and two weeks until it is 2013? Obviously it happens every year, but it really snuck up on me this year.  🙂 My error detector says that snuck isn’t a word.  I’ve always used snuck, but maybe it should be sneaked? … Continue reading One Week til Christmas!

August 31 – Frankfurt to Toronto to Winnipeg

I slept a little bit, off and on throughout the flight to Frankfurt, but was awake much too early. We landed right on time. I think South African Airline is always right on time. I only had about 3 hours to wait at Frankfurt this time and they were willing to give out the gates… Continue reading August 31 – Frankfurt to Toronto to Winnipeg

August 30 – Nkorho and Heading for Home

This will be my last day in South Africa. 😦 I have the morning drive to look forward to, followed by breakfast and then it will be time to head for the airport to begin the long journey home. Although Cedric and Norman start their leave today, they have decided to stay for the morning… Continue reading August 30 – Nkorho and Heading for Home

August 29 – Nkorho, Sabi Sands

I had a good sleep and was up at 5:00 am, so I could have a cup of coffee before the drive at 6:00 am. We missed Lions last night that the other vehicle from Nkorho had been able to see, so this morning’s mission was to track them down.  Our duo of Cedric (ranger)… Continue reading August 29 – Nkorho, Sabi Sands

August 28 – Nkorho, Sabi Sands

I had a good sleep in a very comfortable bed at Nkorho.  🙂 The alarm had been set for 5:00 am, so there would be time to grab a cup of coffee before the morning drive starts at 6:00 am. Our sightings for the morning drive were Elephant, Nyala, Rhino, Impala, Kudu, Hippo, African Fish… Continue reading August 28 – Nkorho, Sabi Sands

August 27 – Tamboti to Nkorho

It was time to pack up and leave Kruger National Park today.  I left the gate at Tambotti shortly after 6:00 am and headed to Satara.  I couldn’t show up at Nkorho too early. At Satara I filled the car with gas.  The sightings in Kruger today were Steenbok, Baboons, Elephant, Blacksmith Lapwing, Warthogs, Giraffe,… Continue reading August 27 – Tamboti to Nkorho