May 7 – Pretoriuskop

I woke up feeling refreshed after only about 5 hours of sleep, but it felt so good to sleep in a bed last night. The shower also felt wonderful. My final flight to land in the Kruger National Park at Skukuza was scheduled for 10:00 am, but I still had to pick up the SIM… Continue reading May 7 – Pretoriuskop

Goosey Day

It was 22C already this morning when Chester and I walked along the Red River.  They are still saying 33C – followed by thunder showers tonight.  It has gone for long enough without rain now (finally) for the ground to actually dry out, so some rain would be appreciated. Today, we saw 2 Canada Goose… Continue reading Goosey Day

How Is It Possible?

Way back when I was a child, 60 year old people were OLD!!!  I’m now 60 and I’m not old – am I?  Guess that answer depends on who I ask – LOL  😉 I know I sure didn’t expect to ever get this old – it just seemed so far away when I was… Continue reading How Is It Possible?

August 19th

Another cool, rainy day here in Winnipeg.    How can we have having October weather, when the calendar says it is still August?  What happened to summer?  It is supposed to rain all day today, tomorrow and Friday.  😦 I have successfully re-located another squirrel to a park on the other side of  the river.  I… Continue reading August 19th

Excitement at Africam

I’ve got to start out with today’s weather (of course).  It is now -32C with a windchill of -43C – but they are still promising above normal temperatures on Saturday and tomorrow should be much warmer as well.  I’m hoping! Now to my regularly scheduled Africam update for today. The Elephant Plains cam is down… Continue reading Excitement at Africam