A Day in the Life

Currently I have a few things going on and some of them I haven’t mentioned here. So, right now, I am house/dog/fish sitting.   I am also visiting with my Mother, who is currently in the hospital after falling and breaking her shoulder about a week and a half ago.  I also volunteer at the Assiniboine… Continue reading A Day in the Life

Moving the Acorns

On Friday, I looked out my window and saw the little Red Squirrel moving his acorns from his fallen nest at the bottom of my Oak Tree into the flower bed belonging to my neighbours.  I watched him scamper back and forth a few times and then decided to get a video. It is not… Continue reading Moving the Acorns

January 16th

Here I was thinking that this would be the winter when it didn’t really get cold – but it was cold today.  Not below -30C, but getting very close to it.  The temperature climbed all day and the snow started coming down again so at 7pm it is -15 C with a wind that makes… Continue reading January 16th