How Many Days Was That?

I am counting back to last Saturday and it seems to be more than 2 days since the city was supposed to contact me to let me know why they were digging in my yard.  Have I mentioned how frustrating it is trying to contact a city department here? Someone’s decision years ago to centralize… Continue reading How Many Days Was That?


I haven’t written about my boy Chester for awhile, so I thought it was time I did. He is doing great.  He was fine while I was away and adapted well to my daughter’s routine.  Her hours are different from my hours normally, but she adapted herself to make a routine due to Chester’s med… Continue reading Chester

Wild Dogs at Nkorho

As I mentioned yesterday, there is no way of knowing when or if a critter or critters will arrive near one of Africam’s waterholes for us to watch.  After a very quiet night at all 3 cams, a pack of Wild Dogs suddenly appeared at Nkorho. They were pretty much at the edge of the… Continue reading Wild Dogs at Nkorho

Chester Pictures

As usual, when I first get a camera or a lens, I come home and take pictures of Chester in the back yard for practice.  Again – not one pictures was discarded – this camera takes great pictures.  I can’t say how many dozens or hundreds of pictures of Chester I have had to delete… Continue reading Chester Pictures


I have talked about Kiva before, but thought it was worth talking about again. Through Kiva, you can lend money to a person who usually just needs a very small amount (by our standards) to get their business going or improve their business enough to support themselves and/or their family.  You can loan as little… Continue reading Kiva

Wild Dogs at Nkorho

Early this morning a pack of Wild Dogs raced around Nkorho with our zoomie and the landies full of guests in hot pursuit.   These dogs are rare and a sighting is always big news.  According to the rangers at Nkorho, there were 20 dogs and while there they caught 3 Impalas for their meals. I… Continue reading Wild Dogs at Nkorho

January 12th

It is a little cooler here today – was -21C when I got up, but has now risen to -18C where it is supposed to stay until evening when it will drop to -22C.  Still not bad for January weather though. I am sitting here with my breakfast (from Howwa’s Virtual Boma Cafe, of course),… Continue reading January 12th