Pete’s Pond

Pete’s Pond is a pond in Botswana, Africa.  A video camera was installed there by Pete LeRoux in 2005 and it was featured by National Geographic for several years.  I’m not sure when it was taken down – but it looks like National Geographic will no longer be hosting it. Skip forward to the present… Continue reading Pete’s Pond

August 19th

Another cool, rainy day here in Winnipeg.    How can we have having October weather, when the calendar says it is still August?  What happened to summer?  It is supposed to rain all day today, tomorrow and Friday.  😦 I have successfully re-located another squirrel to a park on the other side of  the river.  I… Continue reading August 19th

August 15th – Cheetahs, Lions, Wild Dogs and Elephants

Since I always start off with my weather report – it rained all day today – thundershowers in the morning and just heavy rain for the afternoon.  The ground is getting soggy.  There must be millions of spots for the mosquitoes to breed now.  Spraying is supposed to start tonight (weather permitting). Since it was… Continue reading August 15th – Cheetahs, Lions, Wild Dogs and Elephants

Wild Earth Day

We are having another cloudy, rainy, cool day here.  I am hoping that the yard dries up enough this after to get the grass cut and the ladder out to check (once again) for the squirrel entrance. On our walk along the Red River this morning, crows provided our entertainment. Now – before the walk… Continue reading Wild Earth Day

July 30th

It was a cool, cloudy morning here and then the rain came.  The clouds would get really dark and the rain poured down for a few minutes.  Then the clouds cleared for a short time, only to come back and repeat the dark clouds and pouring rain.  This happened several times yesterday and it is… Continue reading July 30th

The Mysterious Block and LIONS

It is currently 4C and raining here.  This is my vacation day and the plan was to play in the dirt (flower bed) and get it ready for planting.  It is supposed to get sunny and warmer by Sunday when I am back at work. Yesterday, I planned on riding my bike to work again,… Continue reading The Mysterious Block and LIONS

May 2nd

It has been a beautiful day here today.  Its still not “warm”, but it is pleasant, especially for doing outdoor work – which is what I spent a good portion of the weekend doing.  I got the smaller front yard raked and cleaned up last weekend, so this weekend was reserved for the back yard. … Continue reading May 2nd