Happy Birthday Chester

Chester is 8 years old today!  Or he was 8 sometime around now anyway.  When you don’t know the exact date, you do the best you can at estimating, with the information you get.  We had actually decided that May 1st would be his day, but snow and work got in the way – so… Continue reading Happy Birthday Chester

Magic Tree

This was today’s topic suggestion from Word Press “You’ve got a magic tree: what does it grow?” I thought about it and decided that this could be kind of fun  🙂 Now to be truly magic, it doesn’t have to just grow one thing – it can grow something different each day – or whenever… Continue reading Magic Tree

May 14th

What an absolutely beautiful day here today.  It is currently 23C under bright sunny skies. I took Chester for an extra long walk this morning before taking Dakota over to see my friend Judy who is going to keep her at her home when I go on vacation.  Dakota and Judy’s dog Morgan have met… Continue reading May 14th

August 23rd

Happy birthday to my little brother  Doug today. We had a pretty decent day today here – it got up to 24C under sunny skies.  The rain is supposed to start up again tonight and there is a rainfall warning out for tonight and tomorrow.    Just when I thought the yard might dry a bit.… Continue reading August 23rd