A Walk in the Park

On the way to visit my Mom in the hospital the other day, I decided to park my car in Assiniboine Park and walk from there, with my trusty little camera in my hand.  This is the same park as the English Gardens – just a different area of it. A nice leaf covered path… Continue reading A Walk in the Park

Bye Bye Lions

The Asian Lions are leaving the Assiniboine Park Zoo. I was at the zoo yesterday and at the time was not aware that they were leaving.  Both of them were hard to get pictures of this time so my last trip has only 1 sad picture of one of them. The brothers will be separated… Continue reading Bye Bye Lions

Winnie The Bear

Once there was a bear named Winnie.  Winnie was purchased as a cub in Ontario by Lieutenant Harry Colebourn and named Winnie for his home town of Winnipeg.  This was back in 1914. I don’t know how long he actually kept her as a pet, but while Lieutenant Colebourn served in France, she was left… Continue reading Winnie The Bear