Fog and Flowers

The weather here has been hot and humid, with thundershowers threatened pretty much every day over the last couple of weeks.  My old air conditioner has been working hard to keep both the temperature and humidity livable in the house. This morning I woke up to a thick fog.  The sun soon dispersed it but… Continue reading Fog and Flowers


This should be my last post this year on the Peony.  The flowers are opening quickly now and as we all know, they don’t last long. There are more flowers on it this year than there have ever been and still more buds to open. The first couple of pictures are from the 17th when… Continue reading Peony

The Flowers

The other day when I showed some of my Iris flowers, these tall ones only had one or 2 flowers, but today the rest have all opened.  What is really amazing is that after all the wind and rain yesterday – they are pretty much all standing.  There is one off to the right that… Continue reading The Flowers