The Last Day to The First Day

Yesterday was my last day of work at the Y and today is my first day of retirement. It was a very pleasant day at work.  I had enough to do to keep me occupied, but not too much to do so I could stop and talk to members and other staff.  Just so that… Continue reading The Last Day to The First Day

First Aid Training

As employees of the Y in Winnipeg, all staff are required to have first aid and CPR training and every 2 years we are required to attend a re-certification training.  Yesterday was my day for the re-cert. After being employed there for several years, I have had this training and re-certification several times, but there… Continue reading First Aid Training

Rain and Snow

We’ve had a couple of rainy, snowy days, but I sure hope spring will fight back and get on track again.  I am still behind in my pictures and today’s are from the 30th.  It was very cool  and raining when I took the pictures and then the snow started in the afternoon.  The snow… Continue reading Rain and Snow


It was cool and windy this morning on our walk along the Red River.  It felt nice.  The only problem was that with the wind, there were no critters around at all.  I guess wild critters all around the world are the same with the wind – they stay in hiding.  The critters seldom appear… Continue reading Chester

Registration Day

Today was the first day for registration for next fall’s classes at the Y in Winnipeg – – –  and I survived!!!!!  Everyone who came in at 6 am to register got the spots they were looking for.  By early afternoon, some time slots were filled and people had to take 2nd choice.  By tonight… Continue reading Registration Day

Lions at Tembe

Yesterday morning (which was mid afternoon in Africa), there were 3 lions at Tembe just as I was leaving for work..  I only saw 2, but knew there was a third behind a clump of something, because I could see the tail move every once in awhile.  The two lionesses that I could see both… Continue reading Lions at Tembe

Strong Kids

The YMCA-YWCA of Winnipeg has started the Strong Kids Campaign for the year.  It started off yesterday with a cycle day.  Right from 6am until closing, we had at least 2 people riding stationary bikes in our front lobby after giving a donation or collecting sponsors (or both). Click here to see the video from… Continue reading Strong Kids