June Trip to Riding Mountain National Park – part 2

When I left off yesterday, we were still on Highway #10 and ready to leave the Moose and head further South.  After passing Moon Lake again, I decided to turn into the Boreal Trail and go for a walk.  It was a beautiful day for a stroll and it is only 1 km, so it is the perfect place to get out of the car and stretch the legs.

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About half of the trail is over marshy ground, so we have boardwalks to stroll on in a few spots to keep our feet dry.

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Barn Swallows

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It was a beautiful morning and I didn’t have to climb over any fallen trees this time.  I was almost out when I saw a flash of reddish brown off a log to my left.  I couldn’t see anything when I got there though.  It is possible that he just moved ahead and found a good place to watch me go by.

Not too much further on I saw something on a tree right beside the trail and when I said hello, this beautiful little Pine Marten stopped to look at me.  He actually didn’t stop – he looked at me from one side of the trunk, then from the other side and back and forth, several more times.  Out of the dozens of pictures, I snapped, I managed to get 2 that are not a blur.  It is a very quick and adorable little guy.  I’ve never seen a Pine Marten before and was thrilled that he stayed with me for as long as he did.  He was on a tree that was approximately 5 feet away from me.  With the picture I posted, several people on the Riding Mountain National Park facebook page let me know what I had found (or actually – what had found me).

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To be continued . . . .

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