About Mavis

My name is Mavis Metcalf.  My dog (Chester) and I live in a little home in Winnipeg, Manitoba.


Jewel, on my shoulder is a Congo African Grey Parrot.  She hatched on July 31, 1996 and came to live with me at 6 months of age, when she was fully weaned and ready to leave home. (Jewel is now at the Rainbow Bridge).

Dakota, on the right side of the picture was a Springer Spaniel something cross, and we estimate her birthday to be May 26, 1997.  Dakota was 1 1/2 years of age when she came to live with me when her family decided they wanted a small dog.  They actually admitted that they wanted a small dog when they got her, but she was so small and cute at the time, so they took her, knowing that she would grow into a large dog. (Dakota is now at the Rainbow Bridge)

Chester, on the left side of the picture is an Irish Setter and we estimate his birthday to be May 1, 2003.  Chester was 7 months of age when we found him in an Irish Setter rescue and drove 8 hours each way to go to pick him up.  His family had purchased him at 5 weeks of age and kept him in the backyard all day, bringing him in and putting him in a crate every night.  When it started to get cold in the late fall, they decided to give him to the Irish Setter Rescue in their area.

One of my main addictions is Africam where I can watch critters visit waterholes in Africa live, when I’m not at work (although I usually check in during lunch break).  Chocolate and popcorn are 2 other addictions.  Travel is also high on my list, but a lack of finances keep me much closer to home that I would like.  I AM going to Africa and WILL be staying at one of the lodges where Africam has a camera set up.  Watch for me to wave one day.  🙂

UPDATE – I DID go to Africa – Kruger and Sabi Sands in South Africa to be exact.  My posts about that trip begin here.  It was an amazing trip.

I hope you enjoy reading about my pets and my days.

Please feel free to leave a comment or fill out the contact form below to send me a message.

20 thoughts on “About Mavis

  1. Glad to find another dog-lover. I was never one until I met Holly, my friend’s dog.
    Now I can’t get enough of him & finally launched this Blog for him. I used to live in Calgary for 20 yrs and know exactly what you mean – weather wise.

    Now we are in Hong Kong, it’s +20C today (Jan, 7,2008). This is winter over here so you can imagine what the summer is like.

    You’re cordially invited to visit Holly’s Blog, he is looking for a mate…can you help??

    Happy New Year from Hong Kong.


  2. Your dogs are adorable. I have a Welsh Colie sheep dog called Spotty and we live in Wales. Have only just started blogging hence will have lots to tell.
    I look forward to reading more of your stuff.


  3. Hi Mavis, love the pictures of the dogs and the Red river, that wood duck is a stunning little bird.
    All the best Blue


  4. Hey Mavis, love your blog and photos. Thanks for the link to Africam, will definitely share it with my friends who went with me to SA and Zimbabwe last Aug/Sept.
    Amazing trip. Loved SA, would go back again in a heartbeat.

    I lived in Ottawa for 10 years but never made it to Winnipeg, which I hear is COLD! Yes, a warm winter should definitely be in your future.


  5. Mavis, your blog is great. You have become a very good writer. I wish I could talk to you via email, a little more. There is a lot to say.



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