Lost in Bird’s Hill Provincial Park – part 2

The gate to the West Beach in Bird’s Hill Provincial Park is always open – but it is a little chilly for swimming in the winter and I’ve never gone in there. Today I decided to take a look. After parking the car, I noticed that there are trails around the lakes – so I started walking on the Lakeview Trail.

It turned out that the trails are not actually marked and there seem to be a lot of them. Of course the snow is covering the trails, which made it a bit more difficult – so I got lost. I ended up wandering around in the campgrounds. Looking at the map now, I see how far off my trail I actually was.

I took a photo of the trail map before starting out.

I was walking along, taking photos as I went (as usual). I did take photos from the East Beach so it was after that when I made a wrong turn (or 10).

I have no sense of direction (never have) and at this point I must have made a wrong turn. The trails I was following were covered over and I was just following footprints in the snow. It was awhile before I actually realized I was lost, but even then I had to keep going and continued taking photos.

The Chickadees were definitely following me – maybe they were trying to tell me I was going the wrong way – LOL. They already knew by this time that I didn’t have any food for them.

After awhile I started thinking I should maybe phone someone to come and pick me up – but since I wouldn’t be able to tell anyone where I actually was, I knew that wouldn’t work. I thought I was still somewhere near the West or East Beach. Then I thought I should try to reach the highway where I could flag someone down – but I couldn’t find the highway. I even checked my phone maps to see if that would help me. Amazingly enough it told me where my car was – I had no idea it knew my car. Only problem was that it thought I was in Winnipeg, so I couldn’t use that to actually find my car. I didn’t know which direction I was compared to where my car was.

Finally, I met a couple of people walking and I told them I was lost. By then I was out on an actual maintained path and they gave me the direction I should be walking. I didn’t realize the trail I was on went in a circle though and I ran into them again. They took me to the place to turn off and to the trail that would take me right to the parking lot I was looking for. It was still a very long walk from there – but I got back to the parking lot and to my car.

According to my FitBit, I walked almost 26,000 steps or 11.4 miles. No wonder my feet are sore. BUT – I survived.