Finally – A Baby Heron!

Each time I headed out to the Great Blue Heron Nature Reserve, I was hoping to see a baby – and until today, it was always just wishful thinking. But today -I found one in a nest with a parent standing guard. It is difficult to even see the nests with all the green leaves… Continue reading Finally – A Baby Heron!

Walking & Photography

Some people like to sit in nature and take photos of whatever comes along. I prefer to walk and take photos of whatever I come across. Both methods work, but I love walking (which is also a healthy thing to do). My camera is always in my hands – usually around my neck also. When… Continue reading Walking & Photography

A Short Stay with Daisy

Daisy’s family were just going to be away for a little over 24 hours, but she couldn’t go with them, so I was asked to come and stay with her. Of course, I was happy to spend time with adorable Daisy! She greeted me with a lot of excitement when I arrived, which surprised me… Continue reading A Short Stay with Daisy

Had to Drive to Cheam Wetlands

Finally the sun decided to get out from behind the clouds to show the beautiful blue sky. The Wetlands at Cheam really glow in the sunlight, so I headed there to see what I could find. The photos are often cropped to fit, but by clicking on any picture it will show the entire scene.… Continue reading Had to Drive to Cheam Wetlands

A Quick Stop at Sardis Park/Pond

Although I usually get to most of my favourite places to walk in nature each week, I have not been able to get to them for the time my car was on vacation in the Vancouver area. So, when I left the Great Blue Heron Reserve and had to pass Sardis Park/Pond on the way… Continue reading A Quick Stop at Sardis Park/Pond

Let’s Walk along a Dyke

While I was walking around the Great Blue Heron Reserve, I talked to a few people (like I often do) and one lady asked if I had walked along the dyke, which is just off the parking lot for the reserve. I hadn’t walked along this dyke – not at this location anyway. The dykes… Continue reading Let’s Walk along a Dyke

Checking In at the Great Blue Heron Nature Reserve

For the last 3 weeks or so, I have been doing lots of walking, but since my little Toyota was on vacation in another city, my walks have been limited to places near my apartment. There isn’t much in the way of nature near my apartment, so I didn’t have anything to take photos of.… Continue reading Checking In at the Great Blue Heron Nature Reserve

A Sunny Day

After a few days of rain, the sun finally came out to brighten things up and I decided to check in on the Herons at the Great Blue Heron Nature Reserve. Of course, I have to check in on any other birds and critters while I am there also. According to Google, “Herons lay 2–5… Continue reading A Sunny Day

Browne Creek Wetlands

When I was walking on the Vedder River Rotary Trail, I saw some signs about the Browne Creek Wetlands, so yesterday I decided to head back over there to see what I could find in the wetlands. I turned right and followed the trail for just a couple of dozen steps where the rotary trail… Continue reading Browne Creek Wetlands

Another Wander at the Great Blue Heron Nature Reserve

I love Great Blue Herons, but there are so many more birds and critters there that I also love. There are also many more places on my list that I will have to get to as well. Along with the birds and critters, there are amazing views almost everywhere I look. But, for now it… Continue reading Another Wander at the Great Blue Heron Nature Reserve