Dogs/Cats/House Sitting

For the last couple of weeks, I have been staying with my buddies Sunny, Leo, Harry & Timmy in their home, while their mom is away on vacation.

You have met these boys before, but I have (of course) taken a few more photos of our time together. Many of my facebook friends have seen a few of these, but several have not been posted anywhere yet.

Some of the photos are cropped to fit the square, but you will see the entire photo by clicking on it – or by clicking on the first and scrolling through the full sized photos.

The dogs and I have been walking – but some days have just been too busy or to icy, so they settle for outings in the yard. I have not yet managed to remember to bring my phone or camera for walking photos. I’ve got a few more days to spend with these boys. 🙂

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