Walking Around Assiniboine Park

I am so sad that the Assiniboine Park Zoo is still closed, but happy that the rest of the park is open and the trails are kept in good condition.

I parked at the East Gate and headed into the park this morning. It is amazing to have temperatures so close to 0C in December and I am getting out as much as possible. The sun was hidden under clouds then – but now (as I’m writing this) the sun is out and shining. Such a beautiful day.

After parking the car, I got out and walked the trail until I got to the English Gardens, where I took photos of some of the sculptures and some of the gardens with no flowers (but there is still colour) 🙂

After the English Gardens & Leo Mol Sculptures, I headed off on another trail that would take me close to where I often see White-tailed Deer as I drive. I did find one, but she was a little shy.

From there I crossed the road and headed for the little train station that usually operates during the summer.

Just as I turned the bend ahead from the last phone, I saw a Nuthatch watching me and chirping. So, I reached into my pocket and pulled out some seeds. The Nuthatch and Chickadees started landing immediately.

I met a couple of dogs during my walk today. The first was a gorgeous Irish Setter. I told them I had to pet her and explained that Irish Setters were my favourite breed. Later, while on the train tracks, I met a Basset Hound. She started wagging her tail when she saw me coming, so I had to pet her too.

I completed walking around the loop that the train takes and then walked around the side & front of the zoo while heading back to my car. My FitBit tells me I walked 4.5 miles or 7.2 km.

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