A Walk in the Snow

With the temperature hovering around 0C, I decided to head over to Fort Whyte Alive where I could walk. There is still snow on the ground, which arrived a few days ago. The forecast says the temperature will be up around 10C in a few days – but I’m not holding my breath.

The water in the small ponds and along the edges of the of the lakes is frozen. I found some interesting marks on the ice and am wondering what may have caused these.

I wondered if someone was throwing stones – but there aren’t really any stones around. The paths are gravel but covered in snow and the small stones wouldn’t have caused these anyway. Maybe it is just something natural due to freezing and thawing.

I took a few more photos along the way – some of the trees & snow, some birds, and some critters.

I found a White-tailed Deer on my walk. She was on the path in front of me & watching me approach, before I saw her. I took a few photos of her and she was still standing there, so I decided I should back away as she might be wanting to head my direction. I was right – as soon as I moved off the path, she started heading for where I had been. I got a couple more photos of her and then she went off the path and into very tall grass, where she was joined by a young one. Unfortunately they were behind too much tall grass for me to get any photos. I then slowly walked away to leave them alone.

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