Hanging around the Apartment

I have been spending time getting things together for planting some flowers on my balcony. I picked up 3 railing planters and have them set up and filled with fresh dirt. Then I picked up some impatience to plant in the 2 square planters that I used at my last apartment and some petunias for the railing planters. I also bought some tomato plants that will go in one of my large flower pots.

I am not going to plant them yet, since we could easily have frost still – but the plants are in their own containers and just placed on top of the containers they will be planted in. It will be much easier to just carry them inside if the temperature drops too much, but they can enjoy the fresh air and sunshine during the days.

While I was outside puttering around with the planters & flowers, I was visited by a couple of Blue Jays. They appear to be visiting one of the suites on the main floor and I’ve seen them leave with a peanut more than once. I know I was told I could not attract birds to my balcony – but the main floor has a patio so maybe they are allowed. One of the Blue Jays has a deformed beak – but appears to be doing just fine.

I almost forgot about the Mallard Duck hanging out in the yard across the street


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