Walking Along Sturgeon Creek

Sturgeon Creek flows south into the Assiniboine River – not too far from where I live. Much of the the creek in Winnipeg has a walking path beside it. That is where I decided to walk yesterday. I drove to the parking lot that is just south of Portage Avenue, which is close to the Assiniboine River, where the creek ends.

This creek (along with every other creek, stream & river in Winnipeg) flooded much of the land around it this spring. I have a couple of photos showing how high it was in spots.

Walking underpass #1 – going under Portage Avenue.

Pair of Canada Geese – swimming without Goslings

I was disappointed at the lack of goslings and ducklings. I only saw one Mallard Duck. The duck was a male, so hopefully his mate is incubating eggs, and there may be ducklings soon. The flooding may have prevented many of the birds from raising a family this year.

I talked to a few people on this walk and we discussed the small numbers of babies this year. I also got to talk to and pet several dogs along the way. I say hello to most of the people I meet along the way and if they have a dog, I then say hello to the dog. If the dog heads my way, I ask if I can pet him or her. Only one man said NO – he is a guard dog! So, I didn’t pet that one, even though the dog responded as if he would like to be pet. Everyone else was happy to let me pet their dogs while I talked to both the dog and the people.

3 thoughts on “Walking Along Sturgeon Creek

  1. Lovely walk, Mavis! I read that you had a blog on W4F in a log post by Stumblebum, and here I am!
    You take wonderful photos. I walk along the Red Bud trail near our home and take photos but mine aren’t as good, in fact sometimes blurry. LOL- Foxy Grandma

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    1. Wow Sharon – (Foxy Grandma) nice to see you here. I’ve been writing this blog for many years and never get tired of getting out & walking with my camera. Thanks for stopping by.


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