Vedder River Trail

I find out something new every time I return to this trail. I knew it was a long trail, but today I looked at some of the signs pointing towards places along it.

Absolutely no one fishing. I mentioned this to someone walking by and they said that the fish are all small ones now – so the run is finished. I took this photo from the bridge.

Then I crossed under the bridge and took this photo of some houses up on top of the mountain (or is it a hill if there are trees right to the top?)

They would certainly have a great view from up there.

I wouldn’t mind walking all the way to the Great Blue Heron Reserve, but would probably have a problem walking all the way back to the parking lot. I think (but haven’t looked it up) that the Keith Wilson Bridge is where you can walk over it to the other side of the river and there is another trail on that side. It doesn’t give all the distances on the trails,

I parked & started walking at the black square (near the right-hand side of the map – headed right first to go under the bridge and then turned & went went the other way as far as the red dot. I might have gone further and maybe the next time I will, but I found a couple of birds willing to let me take photos from this spot.

Before the birds that posed nicely for me, I also met up with a few Spotted Towhees who refused to sit still for me. Finally one of them kind-of posed and I managed a photo.

As I was looking that the map, a man & woman came up to where I was and were talking about a Great Blue Heron. My ears perked up and I asked where they had seen it. She pointed to some rocks across the water and there it was!

I took some photos and then noticed another Great Blue Heron landing on the bank not far from the this one. So, I got photos of both – but the 2nd one moved around quite a bit to give me different poses.

A grey bird standing on grey rocks & not moving is quite difficult to see sometimes. I was sure happy that he was pointed out to me.

This was the first Heron again and when I was taking this photo, the other one flew away. I could have stayed and taken several more of this beautiful bird, but decided to turn around and head back to my car. I actually did take quite a few more photos, but don’t want to overdo it.

I saw just the guy riding his white horse again today. He seemed to be riding & texting (is that legal?) Also – I passed a trail of horse droppings. Dog owners are required to pick up after their dogs, are horse owners exempt? I didn’t see his horse do it, but this was the only horse I saw and it wasn’t on the trail when I first walked on it, but was there on my way back to my car.