Dodger and I

As many of you know, I used to have many pets. Our home was considered to be a petting zoo between all the critters we kept. Since I lost Chester, my last dog about 6 years ago, I have been without pets of my own. My daughter was out of the house and still had pets herself.

A few years ago my nephew asked me if I would stay at his family’s home to look after their dog. I had so much fun and talked about it here and on Facebook and before I knew it, someone else wanted me to house/critter sit. Suddenly, I was house/pet sitting at several homes (one at a time).

Moving to Chilliwack meant that I would have no pets to look after. Although I could get a small dog or a cat in this apartment, I decided not to jump into pet ownership (at least not yet anyway).

But when you know someone who knows someone – things can happen and I was asked if I would stay with Dodger for 9 days.

Dodger is 13 years old and he knows what he wants.

I went over to meet Dodger and his owners. We waked to the field where they walk him each day and we talked about how they plan the walks and what he likes. He is a big boy, but is well behaved on the walks. He is friendly to any people & dogs we met. There was a place to park my car and I found out where the garbage & recycling goes. So – we set it up and I moved into their home with Dodger a few days later.

Dodger was a little stressed out when he found his family all gone and there was just me to look after him. He did quite a bit of panting and pacing for the first day and part of the 2nd day. At that point, he finally decided to lie down when I told him to and he relaxed quite a bit.

Because he was stressed at the beginning I decided to sleep in the recliner rocker downstairs instead of using a bed upstairs. Once the lights were out, he settled down and went to sleep. We both had a good sleep. As many of you know, I slept on my own recliner rocker for a few weeks when I broke my shoulder a couple of years ago. I was afraid I would roll over in my sleep and do more damage to it if I slept in my bed. Even though Dodger was no longer stressed, I decided I might as well continue to sleep on the chair at night anyway.

As you would expect, I took a few photos of Dodger and the park and mountains.

Some of the photos may be cropped to fit, but you can see the whole photo by clicking on it.

Attitude who’s got attitude?

A view of the open field and Canada Geese flying overhead.

Beautiful clouds one morning and Dodger trying to leave his nose-print on the phone

Dodger’s family is back home again and I am also back at my home.

2 thoughts on “Dodger and I

  1. Mavis, how cool you and Dodger are! That is so fun to have a dog for a while. We haven’t had pets since our kids left home 25 years ago! Even though we had pets when they were little, neither of them have pets. Our grandchildren, however did have a pet sitting business for a while. Thanks for sharing the great photos! I also thank you for the shout outs on Walking4Fun. Hugs!


    1. Thanks Sharon. I really enjoy spending time with pets (of any kind) and looking after ones who belong to someone else doesn’t cost me anything except time. The pet owners can relax and enjoy their vacation -so it is a win/win.


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