Fort Whyte Alive on a Sunny, but Chilly Morning

We have had a very cold autumn this year, but the Canada Geese are still hanging around until the last minute for their migration south.  This morning it was -6C, but very sunny and they were forecasting a high of +6C.  Of course, I was back home again before that temperature was reached – but… Continue reading Fort Whyte Alive on a Sunny, but Chilly Morning

Introducing Macy

Macy belongs to a friend of mine, who was heading away for the city for a few days with some friends.  I moved in to look after her new dog Macy while she was gone.  Two days before they left, Macy had a problem with her anal glands and as a result, she was wearing… Continue reading Introducing Macy

More Toby Time

I arrived at Toby’s house a little before his family were heading out on their last vacation before the boys headed back to school.  Toby gave me his usual big smile (which always makes anyone around him smile) and we said good-bye to his family as they drove off on their adventure. Toby had some… Continue reading More Toby Time

Meet Neko and Finnegan

As you may have noticed, I love all critters, so when I was asked if I could look after a couple of kitties, by just coming in a couple of times a day to give them food, water and some attention, I said yes. I went over and met the owner and the cats a… Continue reading Meet Neko and Finnegan

A Walk in between Rain Showers

Showers were in the forecast for all day yesterday and we had a big storm the night before, so I decided to stay in my own area to walk around.  Of course, I brought my camera and hoped that the rain would hold off until after I returned home. My first sighting was a man… Continue reading A Walk in between Rain Showers

Another visit with Buddy & Coconut

Buddy & Coconut’s family went away for a couple of days, so I got to spend time with the little guys again.  Guess who took pictures. 🙂 The boys and I took a couple of walks each day.  The walks are much shorter and much slower than my walks with Toby – but the walks… Continue reading Another visit with Buddy & Coconut