Cedar Bog Trail after Breakfast

After eating that delicious breakfast at Pineridge Hollow, I walked back across the road to my car – to continue my morning journey. On the way back to the car, I did manage a few photos of the yard at Pineridge Hollow.

Then – on to Cedar Bog Trail!

As you can see on the map – the Cedar Bog trail is 3.5 km long – compared to the Prairie Winds trail that I did before breakfast at 1.5 km. This was a beautiful day for a walk. The only thing missing was the sun.

When all this snow melts, the trails are going to be very muddy & messy for awhile. But I am certainly looking forward to seeing green grass , flowers & leaves on the trees again.

2 thoughts on “Cedar Bog Trail after Breakfast

    1. These little Black-capped Chickadees are very trusting and have learned that people often have food with them. My next winter might be very wet with hardly any snow – if my plans work out as I expect them too.


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