Time to Get Out Walking Again

Since my slip & fall that resulted in my shoulder breaking a little over 3 weeks ago, I have hardly been outside. I made a return visit to the doctor, with the help of a nephew, who drove me there & back home 2 weeks later. He also cleaned my car off and got it out of the parking lot so it wouldn’t be in the way for the lot to be plowed the next day. I did manage to get the car back into my parking lot again a few days later on my own.

I ordered a pair of IceTrax to put on my shoes for winter walking and they arrived yesterday. I practiced putting them on my shoes with the use of only one arm and with that working, I decided it was time to return to the scene of the crime – or accident.

Although it was cloudy, the temperature was a pleasant -3C whereas normal January temperatures here in Winnipeg are around -20C.

2 thoughts on “Time to Get Out Walking Again

  1. Hi, Mavis!
    How did the IceTrax work for you? I just saw them advertised and thought we should have those!! lol. I’m glad you got some. So great of your nephew to help you out. Wish we were there…it just gets more crazy here…
    Hugs from Olivia and me.

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  2. It wasn’t slippery today – so I can’t say for sure that they work on ice – but I think they will. Sorry about all the craziness there – hope things calm down soon.


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