Fort Whyte Alive with an Ooops

Fort Whyte Alive has re-opened. The outside is open, but we can’t go inside the building where the regular entrance is. The entrance has been moved to a side gate right at the start of the trails. I was quickly signed in and was on my way.

First sight are the workers busy with their job on the back building.

Under a dull and cloudy sky, I took a few photos as I walked along. I was aware that the paths were quite icy in spots and was walking carefully as I went. The temperature wasn’t bad about -15C and no wind.

The Bison were calmly hanging out in their field in the snow.

the next photo is the last one I took this morning.

This is one of my favourite spots. It is just a little pond and actually the only pond on the Bison side of the walk, but it is so peaceful.

The path along here was good and I picked up my pace on the gravel. A dozen (or so) steps and I slipped on ice and fell down – hard.

I landed on my right knee, then on my left arm and the left side of my face also touched down.

I was unable to get up by myself as my left arm hurt too much to use, but luckily a staff member arrived a few minutes later and he helped me up and made sure I got back to my car safely. He recommended that I should have my arm looked at right away and suggested the place to go.

I took his suggestion and was looked after very quickly.

I managed to break a bone in my shoulder, so my left arm is in a sling. They bandaged my knee up also, but I forgot about the face hit until I got back home. My face will probably be bruised tomorrow but I don’t think anything is broken. I go back in 2 weeks.

12 thoughts on “Fort Whyte Alive with an Ooops

  1. Hi Mavis. So sorry you got hurt. What a shame. I hope you have some help or let me know how I can help.
    I fell today too and am getting checked at Urgent Care.

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  2. Darned winter ice. A constant balancing act. We ended up getting spiked boots. Since we got them the paths have been snow and ice free, but imagine snow will return soon. Hope all heals soon. Allan


  3. Sorry to hear of your accident, it is so easy to fall and do damage. I broke my ankle six years ago and was laid up for two months unable to walk. At that time my house had steps up to the 3 entrance doors, front, side and back, so I was in a real quandary. I have since been super-careful as I am too well aware of the dangers.
    That said, your pictures are lovely and I hope you feel they were worth it. I’ve just been looking at your pix of the little chickadees feeding from your hand – wonderful! Comments closed but I’ll say here that they really cheered me up in our Covid Lockdown in the UK when I can’t go walking outside a small area.

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    1. Thanks maristravels. I really enjoy the times I can get out and into nature. We are also in lockdown in Canada and I am grateful we do have quite a few trails nearby to walk and enjoy.


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