Back to Bird’s Hill Provincial Park

It has been over a month since my last slippery visit to the trails at Bird’s Hill Provincial Park. The trails weren’t very good with a lot of ice then, but they are much better now. Some spots are very wet and muddy though and some of the recent snow is still evident, but I enjoyed my walks. I stopped at 3 places to walk this morning.

First stop was Prairie Winds Trail. I was greeted by hearing plenty of bird songs, but the birds were mostly camera shy. I was especially surprised by the Robins who made sure they had plenty of distance in between them and myself. When I was a child, the city Robins were numerous in the neighbourhood and they did not mind if we walked almost right up to them. Now, I seldom see them in the city and they are one of the first to fly away when I approach. Even with the huge zoom I have with my camera, it was difficult to get photos of Robins.

I recorded a short clip of the lovely bird songs as I entered the trail.

There were plenty of adorable little Chickadees, but they also kept mostly out of sight. Now that the Black Bears are awake, we are told not to feed the birds – so they now keep to themselves.

Here are the photos from the Prairie Winds Trail

Prairie Winds is a fairly short trail, but it joins another trail and crosses other ones – so I could have wandered around there for quite a bit longer, but decided to drive to my next walk. The plan is to stop at the West Beach where I can explore without having to plow through knee deep snow.

To be continued tomorrow . . . .

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