Checking out the Greater Vancouver Zoo

After all the time I spent volunteering as well as visiting the Assiniboine Park Zoo in Winnipeg, it was only a matter of time before I decided to check out the Greater Vancouver Zoo. This zoo is not in Vancouver, even though the name suggests that it is. It is actually in Aldergrove, B.C.

The drive there was uneventful and I found it without any problem. I had looked up the cost of admission in advance and also saw that parking is $8.00. I knew the parking had to be paid at a kiosk so I got my parking ticket and then went to pay to get into the zoo. The price to get into the zoo for one day is about 1/2 the price to get a membership – so I decided to get a membership. Then I found out that membership also includes parking. The staff who set my membership up told me that I could just give Impark a call & they would refund it back to my credit card. To get right to the point of the parking charge, I did phone Impark and was told that there were quite a few hoops to jump through before they could consider refunding the money. I wasn’t in the mood to jump hoops, so just decided to drop it. It just wasn’t worth the time & effort involved. I know Impark is a disaster in Winnipeg and I guess it is here also. But – I have a parking pass for the next time I go.

I was taking the big guy’s photo when these adorable babies wandered up. Bighorn Sheep

Beautiful Flamingos – Assiniboine Park Zoo have not had any for years.

Two more of the Flamingos, since they are so gorgeous.

Ostrich – at a distance and up closer & personal

What an absolutely beautiful Bald Eagle

I’m not sure if I covered the entire zoo or not, but I had walked enough at that point. There are a lot of paths to follow and I started off going to the right side this time, so next time I’ll head to my left and see what I missed.

I tried to see the Snow Leopards because I believe they have a family of 3 that we had at the Assiniboine Park Zoo – but although I waited for over 1/2 an hour, they did not come out to say hi. I went back a bit later also, but still no sign of them.

The accommodations for the critters are all very large and natural with grass & trees. Some of the critters are behind 2 fences, so photo taking is a little difficult. I’ll see if I can do better with that on my next trip.

One thing that surprised me is that they also had a volunteer program, but it was stopped due to COVID and has not yet started up again.

2 thoughts on “Checking out the Greater Vancouver Zoo

  1. Lovely photos, Mavis as always! Love the baby big horns. Giraffes are adorable. Great deal to get the Zoo membership and parking! I enjoy your blog!


    1. Thanks Sharon. Yes – those baby big horns are certainly adorable. It is nice to go to a zoo that doesn’t have the extreme cold that I was getting in Winnipeg. They can have more critters here because the weather doesn’t matter.


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