A Winter Walk at Fort Whyte Alive

It was a pretty chilly morning when I decided I needed a nature break, but nature was calling, so I bundled up and headed for Fort White Alive yesterday.

You can see larger versions of these photos by clicking on them and scrolling through.

I had almost finished the loop around, when I saw a beautiful White-tail Deer watching me approach. Looking around, I saw there were several others, but this one was standing on the path watching me – so I took her picture, and then zoomed in and took a few more as she continued to watch me.

The first 4 photos are all from the first beautiful deer. Then I turned off the path to let her stay undisturbed and I went towards the bird hide, where I found two others. These 2 moved off as I approached, and I continued along the trail after bypassing the first Deer who was still standing and watching me. The last photo was not too far down the path, where another Deer was standing, but she quickly went back into the bush where I saw her and several others bounding away.

This was a much shorter walk than usual, but the wind was very cold and nasty, so I went back to the entrance to warm up a bit before getting into my cold car to head for home.

I haven’t been writing in awhile due to my 96 year old mother going from her apartment to a hospital and now (after a few months) to an interim nursing home, where she will stay until her preferred nursing home has room for her.

8 thoughts on “A Winter Walk at Fort Whyte Alive

  1. Best wishes for your mother, Mavis.
    Beautiful photos, the ones with the snow looks amazing and very, very cold.
    I find it funny, that deer’s are often not so scared, when we bring a camera, otherwise when they see a riffle. Intelligent animals. Years ago, I lived among many deer’s and while there often were hunters out, I became surprised, that they were not scared for me and my camera.

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    1. Thanks Irene. 🙂 I always talk to the critters I see and they watch and listen. Maybe because I don’t sneak up on them, but let them know I am coming gives them some reassurance also. You might be right and having a camera instead of a rifle might be the reason also.

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  2. Today is a beautiful day. Yesterday with the wind was chilly. My mom has been in touch with yours and told me yours she won’t be going back to her apartment. Hope she gets a place before too long. I intend to visit her some day. I have a sore knee so try not to walk too far lately.

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  3. Yes, today was much nicer than it was yesterday. Glad our Moms got to talk. Hope they both enjoyed the conversation. They estimate the waiting list at the home she wants will be 2-3 months. The one she is in while waiting is not bad, but the location isn’t great.


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