Dog/House Sitting – Buddy & Coconut

I’ve found that looking after someone’s dog(s), so the owners can get away is great for me.  I get to spend time with the dog(s) with lots of kisses and a cuddly critter to sleep with – without having any expenses for food or veterinarian  services.  The bonus is that people will pay me to do this.

I am not limited to dogs (of course).  Back when my daughter and I had our own pets, we had several cats, birds, rodents (mice, hamsters, gerbils), rabbits, Guinea pigs, Chinchillas and even some reptiles.   Our home was the neighbourhood petting zoo.

I don’t have a business – I just have a love for animals of all kinds.  For this reason, I haven’t made any set rates for doing this.  As long as the owners are willing to give me enough to more than cover my expenses and have their fridge and cupboards stocked with food for me, I am likely to accept whatever is offered.  The pet owners know what  having me there is worth to them as well as what they can afford.

Last week, I spent a couple of days with 2 adorable little Bichon Frise dogs – Buddy and Coconut, while their family took a quick break from city life.

Warning – cute dogs photos to follow!  🙂

There are too many pictures to show them all in a larger size, but you can click on one to scroll through or just click on any you would like to see a bit larger.

Buddy has the red collar and Coconut has a very fluffy tail.

Buddy is the older of the two and his vision as well as his hearing have both deteriorated over the years.  He has to be picked up to be carried up & down stairs and has a ramp so he can get up onto the couch to look out the window.  He doesn’t really like being picked up and he sometimes let me know it, but he tolerated it in order to go outside and get onto the bed at night.

Coconut is a happy-go-lucky little guy who loves everyone.  Both of them enjoyed sniffing everywhere when we went on our walks.

I’ll be going back again soon to spend more time with them.  🙂

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  1. They are both too cute Mavis; what a good thing you do. I have a school friend who comes and stays at my home when I go away and minds my little dog Axel. So fortunate to have her and she loves to come and stay in my home.

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